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I was very confident in Dr. Pournaras as a surgeon after my first initial appointment. He was very knowledgeable, trustworthy, thorough and detail oriented. I never felt rushed and I was given all the answers to my questions. Dr. Pournaras is very helpful when it comes to understanding my pain and he has a lot of patience. The outcome of my surgery has exceeded my expectations. I feel a lot better and my hands no longer hurt.


After breaking my wrist last year, I continuously suffered from severe pain and constant swelling. I went to see Dr. Pournaras on a friend’s recommendation. After reviewing my x-rays and records, followed by a thorough examination, he gave me a (cortisone) shot and sent me to have a nerve conduction test. The anti-inflammatory tablets prescribed also helped with the swelling. Dr. Pournaras demonstrated a sincere concern for my well being and has since provided me with excellent care as I am on the road to a pain free life.